What Is This?

You're looking at my portal site: a collection of the most recent updates from various social networking sites to which I belong. So far it's only Tumblr, Twitter, and Last.fm, although I plan on adding more in the future.

I made it because of the privacy issues with Facebook, and to have an excuse to play around with jQuery and Ajax.

If you're looking for my portfolio, you can find it here.

Behind The Scenes

jQuery is the real star here. Everything from the mouseover effects to the Ajax is done using the fabulous jQuery JavaScript library.

Right now, Ajax is used to poll all the services every time the page is loaded, but at some point I'll go back and write some scripts so that the content is loaded from a database on the server instead.

All images are made in Adobe Creative Suite 4, and the page was made in Coda (with some help from Transmit). The domain is registered through Gandi, and the hosting is done by Joyent.

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